My feet to go. My heart to love. Mine eyes to see and know. My ears to hear. My hands to serve. My life to Thee I owe. Your Word O God, write upon my heart, My mouth, may it always speak - the Truth about Your Love and Power - that all may see and know. All of me devoted to His call - Romanced by the greatest Lover of all.

Monday, September 20, 2010


I've found it fairly difficult to keep up 2 blogs while being overseas.
To keep in contact with me best - please follow my WORLD RACE BLOG and keep up with the many stories - as I travel with my team to 11 countries for 11 months.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


What inspires you?
What touches the very depths of your heart?
Is it new life? the passing of old?
What about triumph? trials? failure?
Perhaps success? romance? love and kindness?
What about breath? life? awakening each morning?

So much is set before us that may liven our hearts
yet so often we miss it.
We trudge our way through the dance of our day,
never once caring to lift our foot from it sorry place,
never once giggling and delighting in an unexpected twirl.
We moan and groan, complain, and hope for the next day,
while the present still remains.
Our hearts are walled in with schedules, agendas, meetings,
and selfish plans...we silence the laughter...
we silence the dance...we silence the silliness and freedom...
sometimes we silence the King.

I know I made it through my day,
What a bles-sed day it was...
but I'm far too tired to spend time now with You Lord, just because.
Priorities, priorities, where are your priorities?
Does the Word gather dust while your tv glimmers and shines?
Does the Word disappear along the shelf as your photos pollute its view?
Does your prayer time shorten and shorten on behalf of that ringing tone?
A text, a message, a call for sure...from that lovely one that you adore.

"My child, my child...why won't you hear me?
Come beloved, I long to meet with you.
Stop honoring me with your mouth - while your heart is far from me.
Stop going through the motions, you mean more than that to me.
I created you with purpose...not to make it or scrape by...
I created you for excellence - come beloved don't be shy.
My plans for you are good and great, if only you will hear.
Silence those silly idol distractions, set your eyes upon this prize.
I want your heart, your life, your everything - more than I want
your habits and rituals. Come, beloved, come! Let me be your inspiration!
Let me be your life!"

(previously posted/written December 2008 -Christy L. Zbylut)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

living for 'the great' vs. 'the good that can work'

Sometimes in the midst of all our planning, devising, scheming, and perfection seeking - we forget to dream. We neglect opportunities to dance, laugh, smile, and sing - we forget to imagine and believe for the unknown, the unseen, the unexpected. How beautiful it is to live in anticipation of something great - how beautiful it is to live for the KINGDOM!

By the spring semester of my freshman year in college, I'd been in a serious relationship of two years...and though confusion clouded my mind - everyone around me seemed solid in their stance and opinion of what I should be doing, where I should be, and who I should be. Amidst my confusion, and lack of feelings, I willingly listened and settled. We'd talked about the present, we'd shared about the past (a little), and we'd dreamt of the future...or so I thought. The longer I remained in this relationship - the more I disappeared, and each day I struggled to figure out what was wrong with "me" and why everyone else was so happy about this when I was so numb, so trapped, so suffocated, so empty and unfulfilled. Something was missing - something had lost its spark - something was at the end of its rope.

It's a scary thing to know you've been with someone for 2 years and don't love them like everyone says you should. It's scary to receive advice that makes you feel more wrong and confused about not having feelings. It's scary to lose yourself in the shadow of someone else. It's scary to settle and to disappear - but more terrifying than all this, is to finally see yourself and who you've become - simply because you settled - and let someone other than God truly define you - You let someone else's dreams and plans take ahold of your heart and block out the plans you were truly PURPOSED for, and knit together with.

I was reminded this week of a tough life lesson I will never forget - and will always treasure. It's a lesson that has challenged me, humbled me, molded me, led me, and from time to time...annoyed me.

I'll never forget that crisp late-winter day as the bus rolled into the campus center parking lot. Luggage crew was busy unloading as everyone else waited patiently on the bus. We'd just finished up a 10 day Chorale tour - leading worship at various venues across the east coast. I'd spent the week prior to tour fasting and praying with my prayer-partner. Her dedication and support pushed me to press through and helped me peel the scales from my eyes that had previously blinded me to the choice I was facing ahead. As my turn approached to get off the bus, I saw him - and a sickening nausea flooded my stomach. The very sight of him made me want to run and throw up - but my stubbornness to nip this in the bud pushed me on. Grabbing my luggage, I avoided his usual greetings, and headed toward my dorm room. The familiar voice of a sister sounded across campus..."Christy!!!!!!!!" I turned around and saw my dear sister Amy. Dropping everything in my arms I ran to her and received a giant hug.

It hit me..."woah...this is definitely over." You don't date someone for two years and forget about them. You don't date someone for two years and feel sick to see them. I did...and I knew something had to change. In my time away I'd been reminded of who Christy is, and was challenged to DREAM again. I'd begun to hear God's voice clearly again, and my heart heard Him whispering that there was more, more, more...greater depths to explore with Him....great adventure awaiting.

Not sure how to handle this situation...I dropped to my knees and began to pray.
"Lord, yes or no! please help me! I don't know what to do." Silence.
"Lord, seriously, please...just show me what to do!" Silence.
"Okay Lord, all I want to know is am I making the right decision?" ---
"Christy you can have this and it'll be good, and it can work - OR you can have these things I've been showing you, and it can be great." "Well Lord, I want the great!" I stuttered. - "Then you know what to do..." Silence.

I followed through - ended the relationship within the hour and was flooded with a freedom I didn't know I was missing out on. I've grown up a lot in the last 3 1/2 years --- and it hasn't always been easy --- and though the waiting has been rough at times, and I've been tempted to go searching for something that can "work" just to satisfy my desires for what I think is great - God's never left me hanging or without. He always keeps His promises - and has been teaching and molding my heart in such a bizarre, gentle way, that I've come to recognize that living for the great isn't wrapped up in achievements, worldly wealth, or even my expectations of what it should look like - living for the great is giving up my right to selfishly chase my own ambitions - and to seek first the Kingdom of God. It's understanding and breathing the truth that I am His beloved - He is mine - and His plans for me are GOOD, and PURPOSED, they are anointed and blessed, timely, and GREAT - infinitely and exceedingly above and beyond what I could ever begin to ask or imagine.

This is how I want my life to be in all things - for the GREAT, waiting on the Lord, and trusting Him that no matter what curves, bumps, and twists I'll encounter - He's right there holding my hand - and walking with me into the destiny He created for me - the great. I don't want something that is simply good and can work. I want ALL God has for me. It is the cry of my heart to know Him deeper every day. Since I made the choice to pursue 'the great' - I've been blessed, provided for, and blown away in ways I never imagined possible. I've seen places, made friends, and experienced God in ways I wouldn't have, if I chose my own way or settled for something 'good that could work'.

I delight in knowing without a shadow of doubt, that the World Race is another aspect of the greatness He promised me I'd encounter and be a part of years ago...Here's to another year of greatness and the unexpected!!!!! If you'd journey with'd be an honor!

Saturday, June 05, 2010

When in Macon...

After training camp I hitched a drive south with some WR sisters to the Macon area. After spending 6 months during internship living in this area, I was blown away at how quickly and lovingly these people welcomed me back into their lives. I had the privilege of attending HOG (the weekly young adult gathering downtown with fellow college students), as well as visiting Morningside (the assisted living facility I volunteered at), and Camp Pathway (where I worked for two months building relationships with many kiddos). I LOVED IT! I'm so thankful God allowed me an opportunity to visit with this beautiful network of brothers & sisters in the south.

*Camp Pathway staff from last year...*
Katherine memorized all 11 countries I'll be traveling to + recited them daily.
All the camp kiddos surrounding me with love and prayer as I head out!

a preview of WR training camp

The amazing P-squad --- my beautiful family with 74 members!

Tent-ville (a glimpse) from training camp.

Dance party in the parking lot, anyone? The P-squad LOVES to dance.

Team Hinds Feet in our first official outing.

The first two world racers I met at the Atlanta Airport.

The Caribbean parade in downtown team was excited to find Haiti!

Team Hinds Feet at the train station
after our ATL (Ask the Lord) day of ministry.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

nerves and butterflies

Training camp starts in 2 days...
tomorrow morning I drive downstate with my parents to catch my early 6:45am flight to training.
I have to admit, I'm a little nervous - but mostly excited.
You first day of school butterflies...or graduation speech cotton mouth...or having to use the washroom a bajillion times before the big soccer game. I always seem to get nervous before I explode into leadership and powerful moments...with this experience in mind, I am rather excited to embark on the first part of my new journey/adventure. I continue to dream of all the things God has in store for the next year of my/my teammates lives as we travel the world - nation to nation - and share the love of Christ, while meeting the tangible needs of the people and facing issues of injustice head on. This is just the beginning...ready, set, GO!!!!!

I appreciate your prayers as I pack...and fly to Georgia.
Also, for the careful choosing of my team by those in leadership - and that this week will be a time where we can settle in, get focused, and become united in spirit and purpose as a team + a squad. To God be the glory!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

tenting practice

I recently purchased my WORLD RACE tent
+ decided to set it up in the living room.
The experience of setting up a world race tent simply wouldn't be complete without dragging out a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, pillow...and whatever other gear I happened to have spread out in the living room.
Here's a preview of my home for the next year of my life:

Saturday, May 15, 2010

graduating college

"Life is a journey during which we get to dance with people for a season."

It's been a beautiful season - of 4 years at Bethany.
I've seen the rains, and the rainbows -
been soaked and sprinkled - puddle jumped, swam, dove, and floated.
I've seen the winds, and been blown -
been refreshed, found new breath, learned to fly.
I've seen the autumns, and been captivated -
been perplexed, adventured, settled, been vibrant, and let go.
I've seen the winters, and been cold -
had the chills, frostbite, unthawing, and death.
I've seen the springs, and been refreshed -
found new life, delighted, danced, and laughed.

It's been a series of seasons - some unexpected and others prepared for. Despite the sometimes harsh winters, and thanks to the delightful springs, the illuminating and stretching autumns, I wouldn't change an ounce of my experiences at Bethany Bible College for anything but more time...
Time is precious, and though we search high and low for a pause button, it continues on - and days become weeks, which become months, which become years - and with time comes change - and with change growth - and with growth, the unexpected - the adventure + the fruit.

*Plain and simple - short n' sweet - a college graduate - that's what I be!*

Friday, May 14, 2010

I LOVE these girls!

Friends are sometimes found in unexpected places
at unexpected times and for unexpected reasons.
Nevertheless, true friends pass the test of time,
distance, challenges, victory, trials, and blessings.
Sister-friends are unique all around -
and must be treasured for they are rarely found.
When you find a friend who will stand by your side
never forget to appreciate your time!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

a turn of season...

In 9 days I graduate college...
- 3 exams to write
- 1 speech to get 'formally' approved
- lots of thank you cards to write
- games to play
- hang outs to happen
- last conversations to take place
- good bye hugs
- prayer times
- making memories
In 31 days I will begin World Race training camp in Georgia...
- meeting my team
- visting my lovely Macon friends
- enjoying the deep south
- eatin' some chick fil'a
In 2 months my friends Amy and DJ are getting married.
In less than 3 months I will be in Haiti starting the WORLD RACE.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

forgotten in the forest

I find myself at a strange crossroads...
despising the place I once loved most...
loving the people who have hurt me most...
though perhaps to despise is too harsh a term.
Detachment and release are at the forefront of my mind...
from this institution I once identified with.
Grateful for the years of instruction, friendship, and the like...
mourning the callousness of goodbyes and the ties I must admit, broke long ago.

Forgotten in the forest
I feel as I say goodbye...
Forgotten in the field
blinded by man's eyes...
Forgotten in the building
though hundreds stand near by.
Forgotten, forgotten, forgotten.

To finish with such little anticipation,
such small celebration,
such little regard, no reward, no acknowledgement.
To be a face unseen in a land where you've planted seed,
Tis' more tragic than loneliness itself.

Some things matter little in life and require much -
yet others matter much and require little or everything.
Such strange expectations,
Such peculiar boundaries,
Such unnecessary words,
Such puzzling contradictions,
Such unwanted practice...

the End.
Still Standing.

As I prepare to heart races:
with questions
with answers
with dreams
with visions
with passions
with desires
with fears
with wonders
with hopes
with disappointments
with anxiousness and anticipation
with zeal and gusto
with preparedness
with adventure
with drive, motivation, encouragement
with Truth
with joy
with love
with hurt

I love people - and they hurt me a lot.
I love laughter - and I cry a lot.
I love learning - and I fail a lot.
I love trying again - and I succeed a lot.
I love new seasons - and I hate saying goodbye.

The power of the tongue holdeth the ability to birth life or bring death.
May my words in the forgotten forest...
in this season of goodbye bring much light, life, joy, peace, and passion.
I find myself at a strange crossroads...
despising the place I once loved most...
loving the people who have hurt me most...
Grateful for the years of instruction, friendship, and the like...
mourning the callousness of goodbyes and the ties I must admit, broke long ago.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

reunions and ceremonies

All the past PLC got to meet up with Prez
@ Smitty's for milkshakes and story time.
The BBC Athletic Reception -
honoring all those who participate in athletics on campus!
Ministry to Adults class family -
Dr. Taylor facilitated a class we all grew to love and admire this semester.
Psalm class family.
As a small class we grew close, especially during our presentation times.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

1 Peter 1:13-16

"Therefore, prepare your minds for action; be self-controlled;
set your hope fully on the grace to be given you when Jesus Christ is revealed.
As obedient children,
do not conform to the evil desires you had when you lived in ignorance.
But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in ALL you do;
for it is written: "Be holy, because I am holy."
(1 Peter 1:13-16 NIV).